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1696-v2 Stopping Protons - July Status Bruce Baller T962
04 Jun 2018
2641-v2 The MicroBooNE and ArgoNeuT Experiment (TAUP2013) Jonathan Asaadi T962
06 Sep 2013
2598-v2 ArgoNeuT talk at DPF Andrzej M Szelc General
15 Aug 2013
1047-v4 The ArgoNeuT experiment (presentation @ NOW 2010) Ornella Palamara General
02 Mar 2013
1049-v2 ArgoNeuT: a liquid Argon TPC for the study of neutrino interactions in the intermediate energy range. Maddalena Antonello General
02 Mar 2013
1148-v2 NuINT draft talk Joshua Spitz T962
02 Mar 2013
1459-v6 ArgoNeuT Wine and Cheese Joshua Spitz T962
02 Mar 2013
1978-v4 The ArgoNeuT Experiment Andrzej M Szelc T962
02 Mar 2013
2022-v3 APS Prairie Section Meeting Nov 9, 2012 Saima Farooq T962
02 Mar 2013
2207-v4 Neutrino Interactions on Liquid Argon – New Results from ArgoNeuT Tingjun Yang T962
02 Mar 2013
2278-v1 Fermilab ShortBaseline Workshop 2011 ArgoNeuT Talk Mitch Soderberg T962
27 Feb 2013
2277-v1 Moriond 2011 Talk Mitch Soderberg T962
27 Feb 2013
2276-v1 NNN2010 Talk Mitch Soderberg T962
27 Feb 2013
2104-v4 CCInc anu mode for ArgoNeuT/GENIE meeting Eric D Church General
11 Dec 2012
2105-v1 LArSoft Interface to GENIE Brian Rebel T962
11 Dec 2012
2103-v2 ArgoNeuT/Genie Meeting - CCQE Neutral Hyperon Saima Farooq T962
11 Dec 2012
2101-v3 genie-argoneut meeting slides Kinga Partyka T962
10 Dec 2012
1695-v1 ICHEP 2012 Mitch Soderberg T962
02 Jul 2012
1008-v1 Status of ArgoNeuT, a study of ν-interactions using a Liquid Argon TPC in the NuMI beam at Fermilab. Carl Bromberg Operations
13 Jul 2010
985-v1 Neutrino 2010 Talk Mitch Soderberg T962
22 Jun 2010
792-v1 ArgoNeuT Experiment at FNAL Flavio Cavanna General
14 Dec 2009
451-v1 Section II - System Design - T962 Cryogenic Safety Report Robert (Bob) C Sanders Safety
03 Mar 2009
669-v1 DPF2009 Talk Mitch Soderberg T962
08 Oct 2009
554-v2 ArgoNeuT Report: All Experimenter's Meeting Mitch Soderberg T962
01 Jun 2009
464-v5 Section III - Procedures - T962 Cryogenic Safety Report Robert (Bob) C Sanders Safety
06 May 2009
470-v4 Documentation for ArgoNeuT Electrical Systems Mitch Soderberg Safety
09 Apr 2009
293-v1 T962 Cryostat Engineering Note Robert (Bob) C Sanders Cryostat
12 Mar 2008
287-v9 Cryogenic Safety Report for T962 Robert (Bob) C Sanders Safety
25 Jun 2008
443-v1 ArgoNeuT Inst Video Mitch Soderberg T962
10 Feb 2009
312-v1 t962 chimney assembly Mitch Soderberg Images
08 Feb 2009
406-v2 ArgoNeuT Status Mitch Soderberg General
16 Dec 2008
360-v5 NNN08 Talk Mitch Soderberg General
17 Sep 2008
296-v1 DC Bias Blocking Capacitor Board in place -BVDC card Daniel Edmunds TPC
27 Mar 2008
288-v1 Signal Processing Stuff Bruce Baller et al. Electronics
04 Mar 2008

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