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Measurement of the Light Anti-quark Asymmetry of the Nucleon at the 120 GeV Fermilab Main Injector

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Fermilab experiment E-906/ SeaQuest will use the Drell-Yan (D-Y) process to extend our knowledge of the antiquark structure of the nucleon. By measuring the D-Y cross section of a proton colliding with liquid hydrogen and deuterium targets it is possible to extract the anti-down to anti-up asymmetry within the nucleon. Because of the increase in the D-Y cross section and decrease in background rates, the Fermilab 120 GeV Main Injector will allow the d-bar/u-bar measurements made by Fermilab E-866/NuSea at 800 GeV to be extended to values of Bjorken-x up to 0.5. The kinematics are chosen so that the quark comes from the beam proton and the anti-quark comes from the target; they annihilate via the D-Y process into a di-muon pair. The detector is optimized for detecting di-muons and consists of a two-magnet focusing spectrometer with four detector stations. The fast level-one trigger will interrogate eight hodoscope planes. Wire and drift chambers will be used to reconstruct particle trajectories to separate events originating in the target from those originating from a magnetized beam dump just downstream of the target. Measurements will also be made with protons colliding with solid nuclear targets.

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held from 27 May 2010 to 28 May 2010 in WH3NW
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