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Band-edge diagrams for strained III–V semiconductor quantum wells, wires, and dots . C. E. Pryor and M.-E. Pistol. Phys. Rev. B 72, 205311

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30 Apr 2019, 14:04
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We have calculated band-edge energies for most combinations of zinc blende AlN, GaN, InN, GaP, GaAs,
InP, InAs, GaSb, and InSb in which one material is strained to the other. Calculations were done for three
different geometries 共quantum wells, wires, and dots兲 and mean effective masses were computed in order to
estimate confinement energies. For quantum wells, we have also calculated band-edges for ternary alloys.
Energy gaps, including confinement, may be easily and accurately estimated using band energies and a simple
effective mass approximation, yielding excellent agreement with experimental results. By calculating all ma-
terial combinations we have identified interesting material combinations, such as artificial donors, that have not
been experimentally realized. The calculations were perfomed using strain-dependent k · p theory and provide
a comprehensive overview of band structures for strained heterostructures.
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