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Measurements of Drell-Yan Angular Distributions and the Transverse Boer-Mulders Structure Function

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06 May 2009, 14:10
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The Fermilab E866/NuSea experiment has measured angular distributions from Drell-Yan scattering over a broad kinematic range using an 800 GeV proton beam on hydrogen and deuterium targets. These distributions are sensitive to the presence of the transverse momentum dependent Boer-Mulders structure function h┴¬¬1 as well as QCD effects. Based on the measured angular distributions, constraints are placed on the magnitude of the sea-quark h┴¬¬1 distribution functions. In contrast to pion-induced Drell-Yan data, no significant cos2φ dependence was observed in proton induced reactions. The data will also be compared to expectations based on QCD vacuum effects. Finally, the validity of the Lam-Tung sum rule will be tested with these data.

This work is supported in part by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Physics, under Contract No. DE-AC02-06CH11357.

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